Everything you need to know about holographic nail polish

Holographic nail polish is an eye-catching new trend that is continuing to grow. Many nail fanatics are looking to try a new shiny manicure, but would like to know more before undertaking the challenge. What are holographic nail polishes made of? How do they work? What is the best way to make it look good? Here are the answers.


What is holographic nail polish?

Holographic nail polish isn’t too different from regular nail polish. They are the same, except that holographic nail polishes have a pigment, such as Spectraflair, added to them. Spectraflair is a pigment made of aluminium and magnesium fluoride, and refracts light very well, which gives it its holographic properties. It is used not just in nail polish, but in dyes as well. Spectraflair and other holographic pigments come in many varieties and can be bought on their own as well.

Holographic polishes come in different varieties, too. Some are called scattered polishes, because the particles in it make a rainbow that isn’t uniform. More rare and coveted are linear holographic pigments, which defract the light in a way that creates a uniform or linear rainbow. Different holographic polishes also have glitter flakes of different sizes. There is something for everyone.

Another type of holographic nail polish is simply layering dry holographic powder, which is not spectraflair, on top of an existing coat of polish. The options just keep on coming!

How does it work?

Holographic nails can be very difficult to get right, depending on which method you use. The pigment can easily come out uneven or lackluster. But when done successfully, they look simply dazzling. There are several methods for a holographic manicure.

First, there are pre-made nail polishes that come with glitter or other holographic pigments. These are simple to use - apply them to your nails as you would any other polish, and then apply a top coat. Some may require curing under a UV light, and some may not.

Holographic powders are a bit more difficult to use, but here are the steps for those willing to undertake the challenge.

  1. Apply a base coat then a plain colour. Any colour works, but beginners may want to consider white or silver, which makes gaps and mistakes less noticeable.
  2. Apply a gel top coat. This is to allow the powder to stick.
  3. Dab the powder on with a makeup or paint brush, from the base up.
  4. Brush off the extra powder gently once it has dried. An eyeshadow brush is best for this step.
  5. Apply another layer of the top coat.
  6. Cure the nails for 60-75 seconds under a UV light.

There is endless potential in designs, colours, and accessorizing with holographic nails. With practice and patience, anyone can learn to make gorgeous, glittery manicures at home.

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