Rewards Program

SuperChic Lacquer Rewards Program

Announcement:  The Rewards Program was set to be discontinued effective May 18, 2022, however we have elected to continue to offer the program with modifications including expiry of all earned SuperPoints on January 1, 2024 and automatically every 180 days thereafter.

The final date to redeem SuperPoints is December 31, 2023. Please redeem your SuperPoints for discount codes before the deadline as ALL ACCOUNTS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY RESET TO ZERO ON  JANUARY 1ST.

Welcome to SuperChic Lacquer's customer rewards program where you can earn and rack up TONS of SuperPoints toward huge shopping discounts!                                                       

(Important! You must be logged into your SuperChic® account during checkout in order for the system to recognize who you are and generate points for purchases.  Do not checkout as a "Guest" or points are unable to be awarded.) 

What Are SuperPoints?  SuperPoints are customer spending points that can be earned in lots of different ways!  Once you have signed up for our rewards program, all earned SuperPoints will automatically be calculated and accumulate in your account.    

How Can I Sign Up?  You can easily sign up for our rewards program by clicking onto the hot pink Rewards Program tab located at the right side of the pages in our web-shop. Please note: Only one customer account and sign up is allowed. Multiple accounts will be deemed as abuse and subject to confiscation of some or all previously awarded SuperPoints and/or deletion of account(s). 

When Can SuperPoints Be Redeemed?  SuperPoints can be redeemed at anytime once the minimum spending level threshold has been met.  Currently, the minimum spending level threshold is $5 which requires a minimum of 250 SuperPoints.  An email notification will be generated when you have earned a discount code.                                                                                                          

Where Can SuperPoints Be Redeemed?  SuperPoints are converted into discount codes that can be redeemed toward any item(s) purchased at  SuperPoints cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value. 

Do SuperPoints Expire?  YES, hurry and redeem! All SuperPoints will expire on December 31, 2023 and automatically every 180 days thereafter.

How Do You Earn SuperPoints?  Unlike most rewards programs, you can earn SuperPoints a lot of different ways!  Earn SuperPoints immediately upon signing up, making purchases, and social sharing on Facebook and Twitter. You'll even get SuperPoints gifted to you automatically on your birthday! (see birthday registration requirement).

SuperPoints Rewards Schedule - Signing Up 125 pts, Shopping 1 pt/$1, Social Sharing 50 pts, Referring Friends that purchase 500 pts, and Birthday 100 pts! Please note that earned Shopping Points will not be credited to your account until your order has been marked "shipped" which denotes finalization of your purchase.  NOTE:  Unfortunately we have had to disable SuperPoints for birthdays and referring friends due to fraudulent transactions and program abuse.  We are hoping to bring this feature back in the near future.



Only (1) discount code may be applied per transaction during checkout and may not be combined with any other offer(s).  If you are redeeming a rewards code, you will not be able to redeem another discount code for the same purchase.  

Important: Only one customer account and sign up is allowed. Multiple accounts will be deemed as abuse and subject to account removal and confiscation of some or all previously awarded SuperPoints. SuperPoints may not be transferred to another person or customer account.  False transactions or system hacks made with the intent to fraudulently gain reward points is considered theft subject to prosecution and is punishable under the law.

SuperChic® reserves the right to modify or discontinue the rewards program at anytime at their sole discretion.  In such case of modification, all previously earned SuperPoints that have not yet been redeemed shall be honored under the previous schedule when earned.  In the event of System/App malfunction, some or all SuperPoints may be deemed void.




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