The SuperChic Lacquer Story Marvel The Adventures In Beauty

The Inspiration and Persona behind the SuperChic Image                                             

The SuperChic image represents the beautifully chic, empowered, confident and ever-so adventurous woman.  She can do anything she puts her mind to and rocks any nail polish design like no other!  Are you a SuperChic?

The Designer Behind SuperChic Lacquer

SuperChic Lacquer, a division of Wonder Beauty Products,  was founded and created by indie polish designer Jennifer Ivanov in 2012 after realizing that her passion for crafting handmade nail polish was anything but just a hobby.  Nail polish proved quickly to be serious business!

It didn't take long for Jennifer to discover the growing demand amongst nail polish enthusiasts and die-hard nail polish collectors for something new, exciting, and captivating unlike the run of the mill nail lacquers found at the local drugstore. Whether it be a stunning color combo, special effect holographic or popping shade, your hands are sure to be noticed and coveted when wearing a SuperChic Lacquer nail polish! 

Jennifer is a married mom of five grown children and has been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 30 years. From a licensed nail technician in the '80s, to a real estate broker, home builder and investor, Jennifer's life motto is "Nothing ever stays the same. In this ever-changing world you must be ready and willing to adapt and change right along with it. Ride the waves, be open to new things, grab opportunities as they come your way and enjoy the adventure". 

SuperChic Lacquer Aims to Lead

SuperChic Lacquer continuously aims to go beyond the latest trends in nail fashion beauty.  Continuously striving to set industry trends, SuperChic Lacquer focuses on the styles, shades and seasons of tomorrow while being dedicated to the production of high quality, *"5 FREE" & *"4 FREE" handcrafted nail lacquers that are free from formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, DBP, toluene, or camphor. SuperChic Lacquer products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.  

We are proud to claim that our products are never tested on animals by ourselves nor by our contracted manufacturers, distrubutors, or suppliers. * Marvel, Marvel Star and Marvel PLUSH top coats are defined "4 FREE" as these products contain toluene, however are free from the remaining 4 chemicals indicated above.

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