Frequently Asked Questions
Do You Ship To My Country?
Good news, most likely YES! We ship to all countries that allow nail polish to be imported under “Excepted Quantity” Dangerous Goods Regulations. Unfortunately we cannot ship to the following four countries as they prohibit nail polish products to be imported: Mexico, Morocco, Qatar, and San Marino.
Are SuperChic Products Vegan and Cruelty Free?
We are very proud to say Yes! All of our products contain ingredients that are free from any animal products or animal by products and never tested on animals directly by SuperChic or indirectly by SuperChic’s material suppliers or manufacturers.
When Do You Restock?
We restock as often as we can. There are many popular products which makes it difficult to always keep up with the demand of restocking all of them at once. We typically restock several shades at a time on a rotating basis.
I Checked Out and Forgot To Add Item(s). Can I Add On To My Order?
Unfortunately no. Our website is fully automated including private payment information that we do not have access to, thus we do not have the ability to add on to existing orders. Please contact us ASAP to cancel your existing order. You will need to place a new order with all desired products.
My Order Status Shows A Shipping Label Was Created, But The Carrier (UPS or USPS) Still Shows “Awaiting Item” or Status Not Updated. Is This Normal?
Yes, this is normal. Depending upon when your order pre-shipped it can take 2-3 business days to be scanned in and accepted by the carrier. Keep in mind “business days” do not include weekends or U.S. federally recognized holidays.
I Entered My Shipping Address Wrong. Can SuperChic Correct It For Me?
Unfortunately we are not authorized to modify a Customer’s entries at checkout. We are required by your payment provider to ship to the exact address you entered at checkout. Please contact us to cancel your order. You will need to place a new order with your complete and correct shipping address. Tip: Be sure to include your Unit or Apt# as well as an "in C/O name” in the event your carrier will not recognize your name as a current resident. Sometimes the carrier will return a package if they do not know you live there!
My Package Was Returned To SuperChic. Can SuperChic Reship My Package Once It’s Received Back?
Unfortunately in most cases we are unable to reship your package. The fulfillment team and mail carrier have already performed their duties and charged for their services. We are also restricted by the payment provider to modify a shipping address that the Customer entered at checkout. If your package is returned due to an “Incorrect” or “Incomplete” address entered at checkout or “Addressee Unknown” or “Moved” we will refund your purchase back to your account (excluding original shipping fees). You will need to place a brand new order with your correct shipping address.
My Nail Polish Brush Has Become Loose Or Has Fallen Out. Can I Get A Replacement?
Once in a long awhile during production assembly a brush stem will not get fully locked into the cap.  This is a simple fix! Try screwing the brush and cap down completely and securely onto the bottle, but DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN.  This action should lock it into place.  If you still have an issue, please contact us along with a photo showing the problemWe will take care of you!
My Marvel Top Coat or Nail Polish Has Become Thick and Goopy. What Do I Do?
Oh nooo!  Fortunately this is normal and is an easy fix! As nail polish (especially a quick drying top coat) is exposed to air, the solvents continuously evaporate and eventually over time cause the nail polish to thicken, become goopy and can sometimes even become stringy. Simply add a few drops of nail polish thinner at a time and shake well until you reach a desired result. Nail polish thinner (ie Ethyl Acetate and Butyl Acetate) is typically the primary base solvent ingredient in nail polish. Adding these solvents back into the formula will restore your nail polish back to it’s original consistency. NEVER USE ACETONE OR NAIL POLISH REMOVER AS THINNER!  Tip: Refrain from leaving your nail polish bottle open for extended periods of time during application or nail art activities.
Protect Yourself, Your Clothing & Your Home  
Let's face it - we are all clumsy at times (some of us more than others)! It's important to paint your nails in a well ventilated, spill-free environment. Avoid drips and mishaps getting onto your clothing by wearing old attire or adequate coverings. Choose a suitable stable work space to avoid spills that can cause damage to  your furniture and flooring. Carpet spills are the worst - be sure to take immediate action when removing nail polish from carpet

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