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Nail Polish Thinner - REVAMP Lacquer Restoration Drops

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Nail Polish Thinner - REVAMP - Lacquer Restoration Drops - 2 Fl. Oz.  

Introducing SuperChic REVAMP Nail Polish Thinner - The ultimate solution to revive your old goopy nail polish and bring it back to life!

What is SuperChic REVAMP Nail Polish Thinner?

SuperChic REVAMP nail polish thinner contains only two ingredients; ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. These are the main solvents in all oil based nail polishes that evaporate gradually over time when exposed to air. These solvents are essential for maintaining the smooth liquid consistency of nail polish. Our nail polish thinner simply adds these solvents back into the thickened, dried out goopy polish, restoring or "revamping" it to its original fluidity.

Why Choose SuperChic Brand REVAMP Polish Thinner?

  • 10 FREE formula that is also heptane FREE
  • Compatible with most standard nail polish brands
  • Easy to use twist-top dispenser
  • Generous 2 Oz size at an affordable price

When Should You Use REVAMP Nail Polish Thinner?

If you notice that your nail polish has become thick, sticky, or difficult to work with, it's time to reach for REVAMP nail polish thinner. Instead of throwing away your beloved shades, simply add a few drops of REVAMP to the bottle and watch as it transforms the texture back to its original state.

Adding REVAMP is Easy

Using REVAMP nail polish thinner is incredibly easy. Start by adding a few drops of the thinner into the bottle of polish. Replace the cap and gently roll the bottle between your hands to mix the liquid thoroughly. Be mindful not to shake the bottle vigorously, as this can create air bubbles. If you do need to shake it, be sure to let it sit a few hours to allow potential bubbles to vanish. Once the thinner is evenly distributed, your nail polish will be ready to use again!

A Money Saving Solution

Say goodbye to wasting money on poorly formulated or dried-out nail polish! Add REVAMP drops to any oil based nail polish to achieve perfectly smooth consistency, and reduce drag for easy-to-apply colors. REVAMP Nail Polish Thinner is your secret weapon for keeping your nail polish collection fresh and vibrant. Get ready to enjoy flawless manicures and pedicures with the help of our game-changing nail polish thinner! BUY NOW


 Ingredients:  Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate

Photos Credit: SuperChic®

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