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SuperChic Sick Collection EXPLAINED + My Thoughts Behind the Collection -

Firstly I hope you guys are well and staying safe.  This crisis WILL pass and when it does, we will be more educated and enlightened for the future, being more prepared as well as living our daily lives more cautiously and hopefully more selflessly .  Each and every one of us is experiencing this historic yet oddly fascinating event together concurrently in that we are united globally. Not one of us will be untouched in some fashion. Now, a bit of background info on the making of this collection. It is not intended to be humorous nor to downplay this horrible global pandemic. This collection was first envisioned over two years ago.  Back then I was planning on it being a light-hearted way of bringing awareness to the threats of contagion especially during cold and flu season when it is most prevalent.  Although always being somewhat of a germaphobe, after my grand baby was born and became ill with RSV, I really began to take notice.  Food and Beverage service workers with drippy noses handing me a coffee, and medical/dental techs leaning over me having coughing fits while scanning for my Invisaligns.  I began asking, “Are you sick’?  Somehow they were often defensive and insulted by my question.  I loved the idea of the collection name “Sick” as it defined a double-metaphoric meaning as in “Bad Ass” as do the specific polish names as well.  Infectious - an “infectious laugh or smile”, Viral - something so amazing that it has “gone viral”, and Outbreak - a love or appeal for something so much that “there’s an outbreak of everyone doing it”.  To me this would describe some of the most intriguing named, captivating SuperHolos while propelling a spin on the cold and flu season awareness.  I completed most of the collection last October and was excited to release them this Spring.  The timing could not have been more ironic.

I considered delaying, possibly renaming or cancelling the collection altogether.  After debating with myself, I made a personal decision to move forward. The timing? Was this meant to be? I view the collection as a positive.  It not only marks the date of this historical time, but will resonate the humbling experience and the intimate sense of unity and care that we all share for one another. Well, except for the toilet paper hoarding mongers that have forced me to conserve and peri-squirt after peeing! I hope this helps shed some light.  I love you guys! 

PS:  To allocate a portion of the Sick Collection proceeds toward needed supply shortages, please enter Code: SICK at checkout.  Only 1 code may be applied.  Please note you will be forfeiting other discount codes you may have.




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