Crackula Crackle Nail Polish - Thermal - Glow In The Dark

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Crackula Crackle Nail Polish + Thermal + Glow In The Dark 15 mL / 0.5 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Crackula  - Is a solid black thermal crackle polish with added glow in the dark special effects that makes this polish truly a magical concoction!  Transitions from black when cold to a haunting light gray when warm.  Layer over any base shade of your choice for endless possibilities and captivating combinations!  See instructions below for "how to apply" and "for best results". BUY NOW

Photo 1 (Upper) - Shown over Confection white cold & warm

Photo 1 (Lower)  - Shown over Cherry Bomb red cold & warm

Photo 2 (Upper) - Shown over Spicy pink cold & warm

Photo 2 (Lower) - Shown over Slow Burn green cold & warm

Instructions (How to Apply & For Best Results): Must use a base color.  Base color MUST be fully dry.  Apply a thin to medium layer of crackle light-handedly and quickly over a base color (top coat is also helpful over the base color to “sandwich” between layers as it helps to seal the base color from the crackle penetration and dragging). Refraining from over-brushing or manipulating as it will dry quickly while applying. Once dry, seal in with a top coat of choice.  Crackle will not perform as intended over bare un-polished nails. Nails should be sufficient length to show crackle effect, ie short is okay - medium to long in length is best but "stubbies" are not recommended.

To prolong "Thermal Effects": Refrigerate and keep out of direct lighting is highly recommended.  

To activate "Glow In The Dark Effects": Once polish application has fully cured on your nails, hold nails under bright lighting or in natural sunlight for 1-2 minutes.  Go into a pitch dark room to see them glow! (DO NOT CHARGE THE BOTTLE OF POLISH IN THE LIGHT AS THIS WILL DEACTIVATE THE THERMAL PROPERTIES.)


Most SuperChic® nail lacquers are high saturation colors that may cause staining especially on porous nails.  Use of a high quality base coat is recommended. Check out our beloved Bring It On! Stain Blocker & Color Bonder Base Coat. 

Photos courtesy of @superchiclacquer. 


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SUPERCHIC® CRACKULA COLLECTION Crackle - Thermal - Glow In the Dark shade videos below! 




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